Friday, March 18, 2011

Cupcake Tasting!!

After much discussion, we are having a cupcake tasting next weekend at New York Cupcakes! Getting very excited! They have over 40 kinds of cupcakes, so it was kind of hard to narrow it down. (but, unlike other bakeries that shall remain nameless, they will a.) let us choose 10 kinds to try and b.) have tastings several days of the week, not just one or two random days in a month, during the time that I am working... ergo, they are even more awesome!) The store itself has ridiculously cute decor and SELLS FROSTING BY THE DOUBLE SHOT! (see below)

Can you believe it?

We will not probably be having robot cupcakes though; but they are awfully cute!

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  1. Super cute robot cupcakes. I freakin love em.