Sunday, March 13, 2011


OMG you guys... John and I have been working on registries online for the last week or so. After much thought, we decided to register at 3 places, all of which can be shopped from online. The largest (and most varied) registry is at You can visit: to see our exact list, or search for either of our names. We are also registered at Sur La Table ( for kitchen items; John REALLY wants to get the feather duster, especially since he has disclosed a passion for dusting, so I really hope someone gets that for us! Last, but not least, I went to Macy's to pick out fancy china- I found this pattern that I loved a few years ago (which actually gave me hope that I would one day find someone to marry) and now? It's discontinued. I found a really lovely (and more colorful) replacement though, so if you're into buying expensive dishes, by all means look us up on or in the store. :)


  1. I have a serious question - if I buy something from one of the registries, does it remove it from your list? I'm worried that people might buy duplicates? I know you can just return them if that happens, but I just wondered if that happens on registries... I've never had/used one before.

  2. If you buy something, it should remove it-- the main problem that usually happens with a registry (esp. at Target, I've heard) is that the cashier has to manually remove anything that's been purchased from the list. Since we're doing this all online, I'm hoping it doesn't happen! I think as long as you access the registry when you buy something, it should take it off.

  3. Awesome! Good to know! thanks!