Monday, April 11, 2011

For Out-of-Towners....

In case you are wondering where you might want to stay... here in Redmond, we have a lovely Marriot that's in the Redmond Town Center. I'm trying to persuade my parents to stay there the night before the wedding, but it's very centrally located (like 5 minutes from our house) and you can walk to shops/coffee/or even movies if you're bored! Also, some fun things to do around here, if you rent a car: There is the famous Pike Place Market (for lovely treats such as tiny donuts and flying fish),

The Space Needle: (360* views of Seattle.. could you ask for more?)

You could also check out Marymoor Park, the Woodland Park Zoo, Mighty-O Donuts (all vegan and organic!), or Fremont, home of the Fremont Troll (and delicious gelato!)

Some places we like to eat are:

The Venus Cafe/ Mars Bar- in an actual bar, the food is phenemonal; especially for Sunday brunch!

Tropea Ristorante Italiano; somehow, the waiters know just the right wine to recommend for any meal. While tiny (and sometimes forcing you to overhear your neighbor's inappropriate conversations) this is one of our favorite date spots!

Yummy Pho: just down the street, and perfect on a cold day.

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