Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Avoiding Wussy Arms

Wouldn't you know it? The day after I was lamenting how much candy and donut holes I ate this weekend... my dress comes in a month early!! Luckily, I have this book (and another 7 months) to help me get into "strapless" shape:

It's actually really great. It is mostly demonstrations of how to do various exercises; at home, with some dumbells, a balance ball, and a step (previously used for 90's aerobics). There is a 6-month program (which I'm doing, ever so slowly, since I had 8 months to go when I started.) The program is only 3 days a week, about 20-25 minutes a shot. Totally do-able! (and actually fun, unlike shelling out $30/month to go to the gym.)

1 comment:

  1. Totally wanna borrow this... not that I'm getting married anytime soon BUT... if I were to... ya know. I just wanna know how to be buff if that were to happen. :)